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Why List With Us


Over the past years, Texas Tier Realty has been helping individuals and families sell their Houston, Texas-based properties. Being a savvy real estate agency, we understand that the proper way of selling a home is through advertising and marketing. This is because you need to show prospective buyers about why your property is a great place to purchase in the first place.

We have placed specific standards that are tried and tested, and they enable us to give your property the exposure it requires to sell at an optimum price.

Our Approach Towards Selling Homes


Our goal is to make sure your property sell at the maximum price possible. Therefore, we take our time and run several analyses to be able to price your home correctly.

Another important aspect is pricing the home right in the very beginning. This is because the majority of the home showings happen during the first month your property is listed for sale.

Property Analysis and Staging

At Texas Tier Realty, we perform a careful analysis of your property to make sure that all the required steps to make your property look presentable have been taken.

If our agents find something missing, they make suggestions that enable you to ‘optimize’ your listing. This way, your property will drive more interest from prospective buyers.

Professional Photography

In order to sell your property fast and at a reasonable price, you need to present it to a maximum number of buyers. To achieve that, you must be willing to undertake professional marketing strategies suggested by our experts.

For instance, a beautiful photo or a 3D render can lead people to flock to a property. On the other hand, a regular listing might cause people to move onto the next property without a second thought.

Digital Marketing

As part of our digital marketing campaigns, we make your property live on all the online listing platforms. The majority of the home buyers begin searching for the property online. Therefore, it is the best way to show off your property.

During this phase, we will utilize local MLS, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Realtor.com, Craigslist, Zillow, as well as our website.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing still owns a big part of the way homes are sold. Therefore, we also implement proven conventional marketing strategies such as placing a sign in the front yard, crafting engaging flyers, and placing directional signs at different places. These methods might sound old-fashioned, but they are a great way to bring in local buyers.