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Foreclosure is a process where legally the bank / lender or the HOA or the School Districts or even the County, etc. can take the property back if the mortgage payments are not paid or unpaid HOA dues or unpaid taxes, etc. are all or some in default. There are various types of foreclosures (Bank, Sheriff, HOA, etc.)

The proper way to address is JUDICIAL AND/OR NONJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE SALES. In A Judicial Foreclosure the Bank / Lender will go to the court house and file a judgement against the borrower to start the foreclosure process on the house. And in a Non-Judicial Foreclosure the Bank or Lender doesn’t have to go to the courthouse to file liens or judgements.

The process is done with in the means of the law (legal process) and it is an attempt by the authorities to recover the unpaid dues or balance owed. The process can be very challenging and strenuous but our team of experts are here to help you with either dealing with a foreclosure sale or purchase. NOTE: It is recommended to consult an attorney to understand the correct steps and process if needed. Please contact us so we can help you and recommend a good local attorney!

As a seller please always try avoid foreclosure sale and we have many options or solutions to avoid a foreclosure sale. There is Loan Modification or Short Sale process but always consult an attorney before moving forward. In any event give us a call and we would be glad to help! 281.407.1670 (call or text).  In Most Cases we have resources and options to stop a foreclosure sale!

As a buyer if you are looking to purchase a foreclosure property keep in mind that process is long and not fun! And that is why we are here to make sure you understand all the steps needed to purchase a foreclosure property. Our team can help you and make sure you are stress free. And with foreclosure sales there are also distress sales or short sales. Please give us a call and we can help you, educate you and provide all the information you need to understand the differences. 281.407.1670 (call or text).

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