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Protest Your Property Taxes
and $ave Money!

As a Homeowner you have an option to protest your property taxes for FREE!!!

You should receive a mail from your local Appraisal District on the appraised value of your property
and when you do, Contact us:
281.407.1670 (call or text) or email: Office@TexasTierRealty.com

In most cases, we can Provide you with the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and you can take that with you to the appraisal district when protesting your property taxes. The Report will be Generated by Texas Tier Realty and it is complimentary; we don’t charge any fees to help you with the information. The CMA will provide market data which you can utilize in negotiating with the taxing authorities to help you lower your property taxes.
Don’t Hesitate, Just Contact Us and We are here to help!

You can Contact the local taxing authorities below for more information and if filing for other properties than your primary residence please check with appraisal district on the rules and regulations.


BRAZORIA County Appraisal District
CHAMBERS County Appraisal District

FORT BEND County Appraisal District
GALVESTON County Appraisal District
GRIMES County Appraisal District

HARRIS County Appraisal District
SAN JACINTO County Appraisal District
LIBERTY County Appraisal District

MONTGOMERY County Appraisal District
WALLER County Appraisal District

Also, you can Checkout the links below for many local Professional Companies to protest in the Greater Houston Area. The following companies do charge a fee and feel free to contact them to get more information These are for References only!

Texas Tax Protest

O’Connor & Associates
Republic Property Tax (“RPT”)
Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC
Novotny & Company
Roberts Tax Appeals


USE A PRO! Try to Utilize a Professional to Help you with the Protest Filings, makes it convenient and increases your chances with winning the case. They are knowledgeable and an expert and good at what they do; as they know how it is done!

Always FILE Annually – No Matter What Always File For Protest! Most cases the property taxes do go up and don’t take a chance on not lowering your property taxes. Even if you win or loose always file for protest. This give you confidence that you are knowledgeable and they can see you are up-to-date with the market.

TALK to your Family, Friends and Neighbors. The more folks file for protest, the more chances are the results are better! Especially your neighbors, if everyone can file in your street or your subdivision or neighborhood the results are even better. As a whole it helps lower the taxes in general if most or everyone does file for protest. The Appraisal District utilizes Data from your location and specifically your Neighborhood and compare similar homes. Once everyone does it the chances are greater and better to have lower taxes.

DUE DATE or What is My Deadline to File for Protest. Many folks don’t know exactly when the last date is to file for protest. This is very easy to find out just go on the Appraisal District’s Website and contact them or most cases it is displayed. But Always Know the Dates! Don’t miss the Filing Date and if you do so, then chances are you will not be able to file for protest. But Always CALL your Appraisal District and maybe they will let you file after the Due Date.

Always Verify! Don’t take your neighbors word or your friend’s word when filing to protest. Consult and Expert on the true value of your home. The Value is determined by a professional, an Appraiser who has the license to conduct Appraisals. There are many Third Party Appraiser whom can be hired to give you the Value of your home.

Hire a professional company to help you with the tax protest links are provided above.

Contact US for a FREE CMA – we can provide you with the Market Analysis Data which will give you an idea of what the properties are selling for in the neighborhood. You can take that CMA and do the Protest for Free by yourself.


NOTE: If you need any help please feel free to contact us at 281.407.1670 (call or text)
or Email Us: Office@TexasTierRealty.com and we would be glad to help.

Disclaimer: Any information provided here doesn’t guarantee any tax savings, except it is for information purposes only and to help you by providing the resources or the links to file for Protest.
Texas Tier Realty and/or agents are not held liable nor guarantee any tax savings, always contact your local taxing authorities or verify all information independently; if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks You!