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Post Closing Procedures

Below is all the important information you’ll need for after closing

I. Electricity Connections

II. Trash and Water – will be with local municipalities or MUD and you can call/text us 281.407.1670 for the help in finding that information. Trash cans can be provided by city if applicable or you may have to purchase trash cans and must be placed according to trash days schedule per your neighborhood. Recycle bins in most cases can be provided by city or trash collection companies. Must contact your city water / trash department to get more information. Or contact us and we can help you with providing the correct contact information for the city.

III. Natural Gas

IV. Cable / Internet / TV

V.  Mailbox Keys – If needed, you will have to take your deed to your Local Post Office and they will assign you with a mailbox and provide keys.

VI. HOA – feel free to call/text us 281.407.1670 and we can provide with the HOA contact information for your neighborhood.

VII. Movers

VIII. Setup New Addresses – Contact all your family and friends and work to provide them with your new home address. And don’t forget your creditors as well. Buyers can also contact USPS and set up Mail Forwarding.

IX. Insurance – Most homeowners insurance is already setup via getting a mortgage but in most cases you can always add to the policy if need Flood or Wind coverage or any other items. Call your insurance carrier to verify timeline of adding additional coverages. Always a good idea to review your policy annually for best rates and coverages. Contact us if you need any help.

X. Home Warranty – In most cases as a buyer this is setup during contract and before closing, but just in case if you ever need home warranty information let us know or visit our home warranty page.

XI. Cleaning and Repairs – As a homeowner you may need to hire a maid service or need repairs done via handyman or general contractor don’t worry we have you covered. We have many local professionals we can refer you to and they can help. Just give us a call and we will help.

XII. Homestead Exemption / Protesting Your Property Taxes 

XIII. Know Your Home – As a homeowner please know the locations:

  1. Main Water Shut-off Valve – In Most cases in the Garage or outside of garage or follow the line from main (meter) side to the house. Some homes they do place it in the pantry or master closet. You can always call us if need help or your inspector would know as well if inspections were done. Always Remember To Call a Licensed Professional when dealing with Plumbing Issues which you are not sure of how to handle and safety comes first.
  2. Breaker Box or Circuit Box – In Most cases in the Garage or outside of garage or follow locate the Meter on the house. Some homes they do place the breaker box next to meter outside of home or behind it inside of home. You can always call us if need help or your inspector would know as well if inspections were done. Make sure you have labeled the breakers in the breaker box and it will come handy in an emergency if need to turn off. Always Remember To Call a Licensed Professional when dealing with any Electrical Issues which you are not sure of how to handle and safety comes first.
  3. Gas Line / Gas Valve – Locate your gas meter and most cases the gas valve is located by it. Know how to turn it off properly and Always Remember To Call a Licensed Professional when dealing with any Gas Issues which you are not sure of how to handle and safety comes first. What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas     /     Leak Emergency 800-992-7552 and call 911.
  4. Sprinkler System – If Applicable please locate the main control and test your system regularly. In most cases you can YouTube the system and watch the videos online. If not sure please always call a local licensed & Professional plumber or your landscaper that can help you setup. If you have a leaks it is important to get them repaired as leaking sprinkler heads or lines will be costly on your monthly water bill. Best Practices with a Sprinkler System.
  5. Home Security / Alarm / Video Monitoring – Important thing here is to have a security system not which type or brand or company. There are many reviews online various types of systems and they all offer different types of security benefits. As a homeowner it is up to you to decide what type of protection you need. First Step is always change / rekey all of your door locks – all entry and exit points, either do it yourself or call a locksmith But get it done! Second Most important step is to change the codes for Alarm system (if existing) and garage door remotes or codes. Safety always comes First. 
  6. Smoke Alarms / Smoke Detectors / CO2 Detectors – Locate all of your smoke & CO2 detectors and change batteries on all of them at once per year. Do it annually and don’t wait for them to beep or chirp 3:00 Am in the morning. It is annoying and not convenient! Don’t ever disconnect the system or remove the smoke alarms just because you don’t have batteries. Replace them and do them all at at once. If one beeps they all will follow! Safety always comes First. 
  7. Fire Extinguishers – Have one or two in Kitchen (easily accessible) and other on different levels of the home if 2+ story homes or basement etc, one on each level of home is preferred. Always check on the date of expiry, you don’t want to have an expired one and when an emergency strikes you can’t use it. Safety always comes First. 
  8. Emergency Safety Kits or  – Have an emergency preparedness kit ready  and handy just incase of any natural disasters you should be prepared. BUILD A KIT.

Home Ownership & Care

I. House Keys – Depending on closing and funding mostly keys can be conveyed to you as the buyer(s) once file has funded same day or next day depending when funding occurs. Please contact your agent on the team for more information.

II. RE-KEY – It is very important to always RE-KEY all of your locks (entry / exit) of the home including Garage Door leading to the home. You can always do it yourself by purchasing locks from Home Depot or Lowe’s or We can help you find a local locksmith if needed. Let us know and we can help.

III. Cleaning – Always check with your agent if sellers will have the property cleaned by a professional before closing. If not then please make arrangements to have the property Deep Cleaned and get carpets shampooed. Anytime as a buyer you need help with local cleaning companies, feel free to contact us and we can help and refer. Thanks.

IV. HVAC – As a suggestion do change your regular HVAC filters every 30 days or if you have Media Filters then follow the HVAC guidelines. Always call a professional for any HVAC advice and get annual services done. Getting your HVAC serviced will not only prolong the life of the system can help eliminate odors, mildew, allergies and best of all save you money.  By replacing the Air Filters on regular basis and servicing the HVAC you help the system run more efficient and put less stress on the units which will help you use less electricity thus save you money! If need help with finding a local professional HVAC company please contact us, thanks.

V. Water Heater – As a homeowner it is very important to locate your water heater(s). In our area most likely the water heater(s) is/are in Attic or Garage. If you have done inspections during the contract period then refer to inspections and call your inspector for tips on how to maintain the water heater. Or you can always contact a local licensed professional (plumber) for help. Always check your water heater for any leaks, check the plumbing lines for leaks and basically keep an eye. Make sure there is no debris in the water heater safety pans and lines are all free and clear of any insulation, trash, etc. If your water heater is more than 10-15 years old then definitely call a local licensed professional (plumber) for help and get it checked and serviced annually. Always rely on professionals!

VII. Dryer Vents and Hose – Keep the fire out! CLEAN your Dryer Vents (lint traps inside the dryer) and CLEAN your Dryer Hose (remove the Lint regularly). Check for any leaks in the dryer hose to assure they are properly insulated and secured. And always contact a local licensed professional (plumber) for help. Safety Always Comes First!

VIII. Refrigerator – Empty the automatic ice maker bin every 3-4 months. Replace Water Filters regularly and most cases 6 months. Check all the door seals to assure no tear or misaligned. Also clean the back of the fridge where the fan and condenser are located and at least clean once a year or recommended 3-6 months.

IX. Gutters – The house may have gutters front, side and back. If installed please do proper care and keep them clean. Remove all debris from gutters. If you can keep it clean it will prolong the life of the gutters, prevents them from damaging the roof / wood trims and shingles / roof decking and most importantly your foundation. If need help cleaning the gutters please have a local licensed professional come help you out. Always use safety measure when cleaning the gutters.

X. Pest Control & Service – Always a good idea! Before you move in try to get the house pest control services done. And keep it on schedule for regular basis. Pests are unavoidable and only way to control them is through self-pest control service via Home Depot or Lowe’s or you can always call a local professional Pest Control company and we can help if you need any referrals. Always read labels for Eco-Friendly and Kids/Pets Safe products or ask a professional for help.

XI.  Junk Mail DO Please keep an eye for most important documents among the junk mail you will get and mostly for 1-3 months you will get a lot of junk mail. As a buyer you need to pay attention to the “Signed and registered Deed” mail which will come back to your address provided at closing. Do Not Throw away as junk mail. If in doubt please always call us or text us 281.407.1670. We will help.
DON’T – At the same time many 3rd party companies will send you mail to make payments for many different types of services.  You don’t have to pay any of them for example, Homestead Services it is free and you can do it yourself and contact us we can help. Anytime any mail comes to you and you have questions please don’t hesitate to call us or email us: Office@TexasTierRealty.com and we will help!

XII. Important Documents – Please save all your closing docs, house related docs, marriage license, birth certificates, warranties, insurance, wills, etc. anything that is most important to you and can’t be replaced. Save them in a fireproof file box or bank safety deposit box or where you think it can be safe from fire and burglary. Always backup your files  if saving on your computer to a USB drive or external hard drive and save them in Fire-Proof Box. And some cases you can save on the cloud if it is done safely by a recommendation of an expert. Always contact an expert who can help you save on the cloud. Don’t have Google University teach you how to save online or in the cloud. You don’t want to be hacked! Again always get help from an expert.

NEIGHBORS – Lastly, just talk to your neighbors and introduce yourself! Get to know them. Exchange your information with them just so in case of an emergency you can be in touch with each other and help out. Invite them for a backyard BBQ or a gathering. Be Friendly and Get Along! Also, join NextDoor or your Subdivision Facebook Page and can be a helpful resource to you and your family. Always be on a lookout for your neighbor and help when you can.